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    "$569.99 (when purchased with service plan)"

    Crap! that's a lot with a service plan.
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    Wow. That is a lot. I'm beginning to rethink this!
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    Yikes, makes me wonder what it will be without the service plan. I have a service plan that's going to month to month. I'd think about re-upping with Sprint for another year if they can get me a Treo 650 for around the $449 mark, provided I can sell my Treo 600 on ebay for something between $250-300.
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    Remember Rebates, People!!!

    Amazon and Sprint usually have rebates on Amazon. Be patient.

    BTW, great great find. I really would love to get it from Amazon.
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    Take a look at the Treo 600s on Amazon....the rebates can be quite significant, as much as $300 for AT&T phones.
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    Rome is right. Amazon may have a large rebate of their own, plus the rebate that sprint offers will be valid as well. Amazon is selling the phone for $569 BEFORE rebates, the best I think we have seen so far.
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    yeah, when you want to jump on technology first, you pay premium. I remember when it took months to get a 600 so i wouldn't bother yet. "Usually ships within 4-6 weeks." yeah right. Wait and get rebates and get it in your hand.
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    The site says that the price without a contract is $599.
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    Amazon estimated ship date is Jan 3 2005 for a Sprint Treo.
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    Yuck... Sprint... I want GSM on NOW!!
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    Last November, the day before Thanksgiving, I ordered a Treo 600 from Amazon. The order specified 4-6 week shipping. It was at my house the day after Thanksgiving.

    It is possible that the Jan. 3 shipdate is when they are for sure going to get them in, but if they get them before that, they'll ship 'em then. However, best I can tell from roaming the interweb world and searching various forums/rumor sites, I'm not conviced they're going to be available anywhere before December.

    Time will tell.

    For now, I've got my Amazon order placed. I figure they'll probably be higher in the distribution priority queue than my small town Best Buy, Staples and podunk Sprint Store that tried to sell me a 300 when I asked about the 650 last week.

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