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    Over the last few days my T600 has been 'rebooting' itself for no reason. Everyone once in a while it will do it the second a call comes in. Anybody else having this type of problem? I have added nothing new and am actually trying to remove stuff i don't use.
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    Are you using Sprint Business Connection or Seven Networks client ?
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    im getting it too. im not sure why, could it be something with ptunes or maybe lightwav?
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    I have been getting resets using SprintBC/Seven, but I *think* by re-registering my account, the problem has gone away.

    If you use sprint, go to the dialpad and dial "##377" and see what app is causing the resets.
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    Thanks for the heads up on ##377 to check and see the last app that caused a fault on my Sprint Treo 600. It told me that TreoGuard was cauing the problem. At least I know have someone to blame. This is a great feature.
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    It's may NOT be Treoguard that's causing the problem. Treoguard had a bug (the latest version fixes it) that caused an error under some circumstances while the phone was resetting. So TG shows up as the last error, but didn't really cause the reset. See if you keep getting resets with TG gone, or get the latest version and see if you still have the reset problem. If so, check the error log again and see what the app is.

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