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    I keep looking thru TC to see if anyone got it already. Then I find out how they got it and get one my self. I cant wait to get it, If i go to the trade show in NYC on NOV 16, I will get it for $349 but I could probably get it from sprint before that. Also I want to make sure that people that bought it on the show are getting it.
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    Yeah, well what should i say then? I 'skipped' on the 600 thinking the next generation was not too far down the road. So its been a loooong wait for me.

    To make it worse, I don't live in the US and I'm waiting for the GSM version. So I'm going to wait a lot longer than you. And I probably need my 650 more than you. So there.

    Feel better now?
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    I was ready to buy the 600 two months ago, but by luck saw something about the 650 and decide to wait. Im waiting for the cdma version but hope the gsm comes out soon. I want everyone to have it if they want to get it.
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    Seldom, you beat me to it. I was wondering if his patience had been too tight to begin with!
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