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    Well... I guess I will wait until its in a widespread release then. Any geniuses out there, like the ones who put together the 600 guides... we are all looking to ya!
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    I interested in buying the 650, but, I have Verizon service and don't want to change to Sprint. If I buy one of the Sprint phones, will it work on the Verizon network?
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    Does anyone know if it will be as easy to move the 650 over to Verizon as the 600 was? (If this has been asked/answered, please excuse ... I did look but didn't see it...)

    Thanks, Tuc
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    So who will be the first person to convert the new Treo 650 to works on Verizon Network?
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    anybody take the CRAZY EXTREME leap and get a 650 on verizon yet?
    ie, by buying one made for sprint and ****ing with it?
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    I'm sure you'll hear more once the 650 enters the channels alittle more. The TCers here are an extremely savvy group.
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    Allow me to help. It's most likely going to be about the exact same process. You will need a 650, a serial cable, and some patience. The modem board was changed to a in-house design, but still is based on a qualcomm chip. Thus kwpst may still work... Once you get the msl set to all zeros, you'll do about the same thing to get data working...
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    I have the Treo 650 in my hand. I know how to program it to become a verizon phone. There is only one major catch: THEY DONT MAKE A SERIAL CABLE FOR IT! And according to PalmOne, there won't be a serial cable for it. The UPST used to change the settings will not recognize the phone on USB. So I am stumpped. I even tries creating a cable that converts USB to Serial RS232 using TX and RX from the USB to TX and RX on the DB9.
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    HOLY **** man,
    HOW WOULD YOU DO IT? If you had a cable? How did you figure it out?
    How hard would it be to do?
    Would it work without bugs, and with all the features intact?
    Would it still be Sprint-branded?
    What about data service, how would that work? Would it use cell minutes, or would I have to buy Verizon's expensive data plan?
    Might there be trouble because this device has not been tested with Verizon's large and widely varying wireless network?

    Tell me... is it POSSIBLE at all to get this working? You have no idea how much I would pay and sacrifice to get this working. Sprint is HORRIBLE in my area, I am on a Verizon 2 year contract, Verizon has AMAZING service all around where I live, and I am *IN LOVE* with the Treo 650. Please get back to me if I can help.

    DONT LOSE HOPE, I know in my heart that it can be done. People said the 600 could never be converted, but thne it was. Please don't stop trying and let me know what I can do or what I should try. Thanks so much. If you figured this out you are really a genius.

    Andrew Choufrine
    TreoCentral User
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    I'm a long time reader, first time poster.

    I also interested in getting the Sprint 650 on Verizon.

    I am currently waiting for my 650 (ordered from the roadshow) so I do not have one in hand to play with yet. I have every intention of trying to get it to work on Verizon.

    Quote Originally Posted by cr650
    I even tries creating a cable that converts USB to Serial RS232 using TX and RX from the USB to TX and RX on the DB9.
    Are the TX/RX from a USB cable even compatible with a serial port? I would think not, but I have not looked at the USB spec.

    Looking at pinouts of older devices at, the USB and Serial signals are different pins. If we had the pinout diagram for the 650's connector, it shouldn't be too difficult to create a custom serial cable -- just need a connector to sacrafice. I have not looked for a pinout yet as it is pointless for me without having a 650 in hand. I would hope it would still have the serial lines like evey other PalmOS device I have had (starting with a USR Palm Personal -- had a whopping 512K but it included a backlight!).

    I'm just hoping that it is as easy to reset the MSL to all zeros as it appeared to be on the 600 (never tried the 600 as the 650 will be my first Treo).
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    Here are the original instructions for programming the 600 they will work on the 650 also. However, jonf, you are correct. I tested the TX and RX for USB and They are different. Unfortunatley, the USB adapter end that goies into the 650 only has pin connections for the 4 usb wires and 1 for the hotsyn button. That leaves 9 more pins for other stuff that arn't even connected. So sacraficing a 650 cable would even work. SOOOO, I took a serial cable and stripped the wires down and start "poking" at the connector on the bottom of the 650 trying to get it to connect. No luck. So until we can find out exactly wich pins are the serial connections (and if it needs more that just TX, RX and GRN - like does it need handshaking, etc.) I cant reprogram this thing. I only have 15 days to return it too.

    Required Hardware:
    1. Sprint Treo 650
    2. Serial Connection Cable (THORN IN MY SPINE!!!)

    Required Software:
    1. Qualcomm PST (Product Support Tool). You may have to search around for this, but it was last seen here:
    Its a really slow download.
    2. Verizon PRL file (Primary Roaming List)

    Required Information:
    1. Your TREO 650 MSL (Master Subsidy Lock). Every TREO 650 is assigned a unique 6-digit MSL code.
    You must either use special software (BitPIM or UniCDMA) or convince someone at Sprint to give it to you. There were some tricks to doing that somewhere on this forum. There were a few people out there willing to obtain your MSL for a fee ranging anywhere from $5 to $50, but it seems that Sprint somehow put an end to that.

    Step 1: Changing Sprint's TREO 650 PRL, MSL and Phone Number.

    1. Install PST Software
    2. Connect TREO 650 using the Serial Cable. ?????????????????????UGH! NO USB SUPPORT SO FAR!
    3. Turn on the Treo and enter the phone mode
    4. Punch ##3424 followed by dial button.
    You should see the message "Passthrough Enabled"
    5. Launch the "Service Programming" program
    (Start -> Programs -> Qualcomm PST -> Service Programming).
    6. Select your phone "Surf" in the Phone Selection dialog box and click OK.
    7. Select the "Settings" tab (if not already there).
    8. Press "Read from Phone"
    9. At the "Enter Service Programming" dialog box, enter the phone's original MSL code.
    10. After reading all information, change Service Programming to 000000.
    11. Click the CDMA Tab
    12. Change the MCC box to 000 (3 zeros) (Write down ALL your original values for possible future use)
    13. Change the 11_12 box to 00 (2 zeros)
    14. Change the "directory" and "IMSI_S" boxes to your 10 digit Verizon phone number (no dases).
    15. Click Roam Tab, and click the "Browse" button.
    16. Locate and select the Verizon PRL file.
    17. Click the "Write To Phone" button. Wait about 1 minute.
    18. Disconnect the Treo

    Step 2: Activating your Phone

    1. Go to
    2. Login to your account and register your TREO 650 ESN.
    3. Dial 611 and you should get a Verizon message.
    4. You can now dial *228 to update your PRL and Phone setting.
    5. If you have "Roaming" message on phone screen, punch ##3825 or ##727 or ##2362 the Dial. This is because the TREO 600 sometimes works as PCS only or CDMA only. 3825 means "Dual", 727 means "PCS (1900Mhz)", and 2362 means "CDMA (800Mhz)".
    You can check which Band is being used by punching ##33284.

    Step 3: Activating Express Network Data
    Note: There are 2 separate methods of doing this. Find which one works for you.
    1. Go into Network Preferences --> menu key --> Options --> View Log
    2. Type in: "pdpset 1" and hit the enter key...then hit done
    3. Use your new MSL code if asked.
    Method 1:
    4. Create a new service connection...
    Hit menu, select New, and fill in:
    Service: Express Network
    Connection: Virtual Modem
    User Name:
    Password: vzw
    Phone: #777 (make sure you include the "#" sign)
    6. Click on [Details], Click on [Advanced], Click on [Script]
    Enter the following script:
    Send: at$qcmdr=3
    Send CR:
    Send: at$qcqnc=0
    Send CR:
    7. Click [OK], then [OK]
    8. Click on Connect and watch your tower icon change to data mode

    Method 2: 4. Create a new service connection...
    5. Hit menu, select New, and fill in:
    Service: Express Network
    Connection: High Speed Wireless
    User Name:
    Password: vzw
    6. Click on Details, click off Mobile IP, then OK
    7. Click on Connect and watch your tower icon change to data mode

    Alternative Step 3: Activating QNC Data
    (Doing this may cause EN to no longer work. This problem may have been fixed somewhere else in this thread. If you find the fix, PM me and I will update it here)

    1. Preferences --> Network
    menu --> New
    Service: QNC
    Connection: Virtual Modem
    User Name: qnc
    Password: qnc
    Phone: #777
    2. Details... --> Advanced... --> Script...
    Send: at$qcmdr=2
    Send CR:
    Send at$qcqnc=1
    Send CR:
    OK --> OK --> Connect

    Step 4: Fixing Blazer

    Go into phone mode.
    Enter ##3282 --> DIAL -->
    Select [menu] --> Browser --> [Modify]
    Clear both Primary and Secondary NGG's and their ports.
    Save and browse.

    Changing Sprint logo
    If you want to change "Sprint" logo on left top side of phone screen, you must edit the banner of TREO internal Modem.
    1. Using the "Software Download" feature of Qualcomm PST, you can download all NV Data.
    2. Edit the Sprint Banner with a hex editor (like QEdit),
    3. Restore again with the modified file to change the logo.
    4. For complete details, read further into this thread.

    Changing the Phone Startup Screen:
    See the attached file below. This will also upgrade your dial pad. I made the splash screen, others made the dial pad.

    For detailed programming instructions try here.

    Here's a quick tip for updating the PRL: *228 itself will simply connect to the carrier that it's already set to. However, *22801 and *22802 will link to the A and B channels respectively (they're 800Mhz CDMA channels), while *22803 through *22805 (or even 06, etc.. I don't know) link to the 1900 Mhz PCS channels. In New York City, Verizon is the B channel, so that once Verizon Wireless knew my ESN, I could dial *22802 and update the PRL that way.

    This of cource was adapted from the many post found on this and simmilar forums concerning changing the 600 to Verizon. It was successfull.

    Anyone know wich pins are for serial connections on the 650?!!
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    It's been done SUCCESSFULLY!!!! Check out the Sprint/Verizon forum for a post by "mines".....mines, you da man!
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    The link is here and active as well. Please credit mines for another successful surgery.
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    You dug up a two year old thread to ask this? I think Shadowmite's site has a HOWTO on making serial cables...

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    Hopatz, you already posted your question elsewhere. Please don't make multiple posts on the same subject.
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    I want to make this a short story instead of a long story. I have a regular Sprint cellphone, and my friend has the Sprint Treo 650 phone that does alot of good stuff so 1 day I seen this bum selling gold chains, wrist watches, rings and cellphones. I seen that he had a Verizon Treo 650 that he was selling, and I told him that the treo 650 he has cost $120 and he wanted it for $100 dollars, so I told this bum I only have $85 dollars and theres nothing but that Verizon Treo 650 he has that I only want & I'll see him some other day when I have $15 dollars more, I could see in his eyes that he needed cash right away so he gave me the treo, gave him the $85 and I took the treo 650 verizon from him knowing it was probably stoling , and of course then disconnected.

    I seen the retail price at $400 so I was thinking about 2 options: selling it for $300 that comes with the charger I bought, and the 512mb card also or finding out a way I can convert this phone from Verizon to Sprint somehow since theres too many posts about Converting Sprint to Verizon.

    p.s. My friend who has the Sprint Treo 650 says that someone told him a secret way of editing Verizon 650 treo by pressing these numbers & symbols in the dialup section ##504426# but it did not work, my friend said that the sprint & verizon system is the same and I can use my sprint cellphone number on this Verizon Treo 650 I have now.
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