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    Does anyone use the treo600 and linux? If so how good does it work? Are there any special programs for it?
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    I sync using KPilot, which connects with KOrganizer and the KDE addressbook, todo list, and KNotes. JPilot is a linux clone of the standard Palm Desktop. Evolution (the Gnome Outlook clone) also syncs with the 600. All of these programs use pilot-link as the underlying sync program. Pilot-link can also be used from the command line.
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    Is it hard to install apps on treo using linux?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicksterjack
    Is it hard to install apps on treo using linux?
    $ pilot-link -i some_program.prc

    i.e., pretty easy
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    Both KPilot and JPilot have GUI front-ends to the pilot-link install conduit. You add the programs you want to install in much the same way you install using the Windows Palm Desktop, and then sync.
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    I use gpilotd which syncs w/ Evolution well. To install apps... simply gpilot-install-file <file.prc>
    Avatars.... <hrumpphh> I guess, since all the cool kids are doing it.

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