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    Does anyone know what the actual, not speculation, dimensions of the 650 screen are? I'd like to have a screen protector bought and ready for when I get my 650, but I'd like to confirm that it's the same size as the 600 first.


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    I'm sure the 600 protectors would protect enough of the screen to not cuase any harm to your 650. Try Ebay, I hear alot of accessary are showing up their.
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    I actually have a source, I like the Brando Screen Protectors, but I want one that will be the right size. If the screen is larger, then I'll order a larger protector and cut it down, and I'd rather just take the lazy way, and buy one that's the right size.

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    When do you expect to get the 650?
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    No sooner than anyone else, I'm just trying to occupy my time while I wait.

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    I posted a previous thread about this and really didn't get a straight answer. I decided to bite the 13 shells and get a boxwave that is meant for the 600 hoping it will work on my 650. I also sent an e-mail to boxwave about this and haven't heard back from them yet.
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    Hello all,
    Has anyone heard that Best Buy is expected to begin selling the Treo 650 on 14 Nov? Or does anyone know of any other source? I just got off phone with Sprint PCS (I have a Treo 600 with a busted screen) and they said they dont yet have the date but at least acknowledge it. FYI - I am told that even if sprint is not ready to service it, as long as it has the sprint logo, you can get it at best buy or other places and just wait. I suspect it wont be long for sprint.
    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Based on the side-by-side pictures of the 600 and 650, the screen looks the same size - 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches.

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