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    I was trying to figure out how to set up my pop3 account with my new treo (verizon). I did several searches and it looks like most everyone likes snappermail. I did read though that the treo 600 should come with a basic email application. I can't find it. I do have sms and mms that I have all set up to send and receive messages but I don't have (or can't find) anywhere to setup my pop3 account. Any help?

    If it is too much work (or not really worth it) I will just go get snappermail.

    Robb Feldhege
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    The Verizon Treo does not come with a built-in email app. I prefer Snapper, and other alternatives are IM Chatter and Eudora's free package.

    Snapper is a good solution if like me you don't have a data plan. IM Chatter maintains a data connection and is more suited for IMAP setups which you don't indicate that you need. I haven't looked too much into Eudora, but it doesn't come close to the features of Snappermail.
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    I have both VersaMail and Snapper loaded on my Treo. VersaMail because Snapper doesn't do so well with my GroupWise corporate account. There are good things about each product. Snapper allows you to download all of your e-mail accounts one after another automatically. Also, with Snapper you have better control over the amount of mail you can download (by the number of messages the software will download at a time). VersaMail only allows you to get unopened mail, or all mail. But VersaMail is a PalmSource product and they have deployed it on the Treo 650 as the native e-mail product. Many of us loaded VersaMail on our T600s quite a while back.

    I'll probably take one of the e-mail clients off after my need to connect to GroupWise disappears, but which one is in question at this point.

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