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    Do a "Treo 650" search on eBay and you can get headsets and cases and batteries for the Treo 650. Too bad you can't get the actual phone...
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    Well, everything on eBay so far, at least what I saw, is stuff that's either 600/650 compatible, or a bluetooth headset. I'll be interested when the 650 specific cradles and stuff become available. :-)

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    Except the battery...
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    I thought the 650 headset was not backwards compatible? The one plmo has on their website says it is not compatible with the 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
    Except the battery...
    You're right, it does appear that the battery and the car adapter are legit. They are from Dan's Cellular. I've bought a lot of 600 accessories from him.


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