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    Got the mobile podcasting bug.

    (The guy on records his podcast from the Treo).

    Is there any way to convert the WAV file output of a program like SoundRec to an MP3 file *on the Treo itself*?

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    I'm no expert, but I recently asked a developer about this same sort of deal.
    A palm app that could render/convert/encode/export to card:
    a .mp3 from a .wav

    Basically he said that with the type of Power the Palm has today this is nearly impossible to implement, something in relation to type of processor the treo uses being insufficient to accurately encode .mp3

    (i now sense the obligatory emoticon coming on...)
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    you can use a 3rd party PC application called dbPowerAMP Music Converter. This application will allow you to convert various audio file types.
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    ChiefWahoo, I was looking for a Palm application to the the conversion, not a PC application. But thanks.

    Mutant, I realize the palm CPU may not be fast enough to encode to MP3 in real time, but I don't need it to do the job in real time. It can take twice as long as the show, that's okay...
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    The only other alternative which I could think of would be some type of server side encoder script.
    I believe the Treopodcast guy may have alluded to using something like this.
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