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    My Treo 180 (brand new to me, as of 4 days ago) works just fine for the most part (albeit one sluggishness thing, see my other post re Molasses). I popped my Tmo sim card into it after I got it in the mail (eBay, hurrah!) and it detected the network - but thinks it is VoiceStream. I know, same difference, but does this mean i need an update of some sort?
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    Does your Treo 180 do GPRS? If not, you may need an update that is (most likely) available from palmOne. I remember when I did the update, it said TMO and not voicestream. Man was that a while ago. :-)
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    my Treo and phones all said Voicestream, not T-Mobile. Recently, I stopped by a T-Mobile store and they gave me a new sim card. Now I get better coverage and the handsets all read T-Mobile!
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    I haven't done the GPRS upgrade yet - the eBay seller who sold me the Treo forgot to pack the sync cable; I should have it later this week. I'll give that a try.

    As for Tmo - I was gonna stop by and discuss data packages/etc (I switched from a Sidekick, mainly because the Sidekick, although great hardware, sucks as a useable tool - no Mac sync, can't install my own software, etc. etc.). I'll ask about the new SIM card...

    Thanks for the replies!
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    Hey wolfgang. If you have the t-mobile specific GPRS upgrade, please drop me a line. I have been trying to get a copy of it for 4 months now. The website isn't working. (see previous post).. Thanks in advance.
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    And Wolfgang, be sure to hang out in the "Mac and Treo" forum here.. as a newbie you may not have seen it yet.

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