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    I sent an sms to a friend. Casual chat. Exceeded the 160 character limit so it was split into 2 messages.

    What he received from me was his I.C. number (similar to a social security number), his phone and fax numbers, his work address, and his job title.

    What I sent to him was an explanation why I couldn't baby-sit his kids. I don't even have any of his personal contact info in my phone except for his mobile number.

    How can that possibly happen? How is it that his phone shows that that info came from me? He never did get the original message I sent. He later showed me the message. WEIRD! Any ideas?
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    very weird indeed. at least it was his details and not yours. what phone did your friend use. i doubt it's the phone, could be the carrier. in which case, is a serious privacy issue problem
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    he has a nokia. it really is kinda twilight zoneish.
    Banoo... what's that smell?

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