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    Quote Originally Posted by phandel
    So, anyone care to report how well BT GPS is working on the 650?
    I've been using the TeleType Mini Bluetooth GPS receiver with my Treo 650 for a few weeks now. It works pretty well; the receiver is extremely accurate, very compact, has good battery life, and can maintain a solid 3D fix while sitting on the dashboard of my car. It even has little rubber feet so it doesn't slide around when I make turns.

    I have problems with software, however. Apparently the Treo 650's Bluetooth stack is a little flaky because every once in a while, when I get in my car and turn on the Treo, it can't connect to the receiver. The only way I can fix it is to delete the pairing and then re-pair it, which is annoying. Luckily, most of the time it just works. I simply turn on the receiver, turn on my 650, and it connects with no problems. I suspect that any Bluetooth GPS receiver would work just as well, as long as it conforms to the NMEA standard and you have proper GPS software that can read from it.

    Speaking of GPS software, this is another complaint I have. I've been using DeLorme Street Atlas USA Handheld 2005, which overall works pretty well. I especially like the detailed maps that look just superb on the 650's high-res screen. (However, this is the only GPS navigation software I've ever used, so I don't have anything to compare it to.) But there is one problem that annoys the heck out of me: DeLorme's software is brain-dead when it comes to connecting with the GPS receiver. There is no way to tell it to automatically connect on start-up, so I always have to go through the same three-step connection process whenever I want to use the thing. Worse, it will disconnect from the GPS whenever you leave the program for whatever reason. For instance, if you get a call and switch to the phone application, when you come back to Street Atlas you have to go through that stupid connection procedure all over again.

    But all in all, Bluetooth GPS seems to work very well on the Treo 650, and with the right software, you won't be disappointed. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road when driving!
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    I have literally zero problems to report with TomTom Nav 2004 and bluetooth GPS bundle. It just works, every time. No problems communicating the GPS and connects automatically every time. The program itself is just incredibly well done, it occupies less than 50K ram and has a lot of options. I guess the only minor thing I would say is that the GPS can be a little inaccurate when under cover, but that's not bad since my other GPS simply loses fix altogether, and that I would like the software to have an option to save a navigation log.
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    You guys are missing out. Check out the Delmore Bluetooth power pack gps reciever they offer. It is bluetooth and cordless. I've used it on my old Tungsten T for almost two years. Now I'm writing a java application on my Treo 650 to grab the coordinates so I can write a program. Darn sprint has their gps chipset locked on the phone. I have it developed on my laptop but am going to port it ot my 650 soon.

    I believe I spent around 225 for the bluetooth power back gps. The battery life is incredible too.

    Just thought I would put my .02 cents in
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    The latest bluetooth GPS are based on the Sirf Star III chipset.
    The only one currently available for pre-order is GlobalSat BT 338. If people can wait another month, this is a huge upgrade over the Sirf Star II chipsets currently out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donnyb
    Garmin by far makes the best mapping software for the palm. I have a ique 3600 and it has to be one of the best things I have bought in a longtime. I could only hope that garmin comes out with a bluetooth gps and software for the treo 650, but I think that is a dream.
    I'd be interested in seeing a review of this from somebody who's used TomTom as well. I was a long-time Mapopolis user who upgraded to TomTom after visiting all the consumer GPS booths at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was the best I'd used by far (PalmOS or not). However, other than playing with the iQue, I don't have an impression of how it compares.
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    garmin does have a BT gps! and it does come with software, although it is not software for palm

    i will never use tomtom because of its stupid design that you can only use its gps with its software and vice versa...
    i use mapopolis on pocket pc and i tried if on palm- i use memory map navigator on pocket pc and windows xp- both of my BT gps units work with all those devices and software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenundrum
    i will never use tomtom because of its stupid design that you can only use its gps with its software and vice versa....
    As i understand it TomTom Navigator 2004 supports NMEA 0183v2 GPS standards so it will support third party nbluetooth GPS, just not all of them.
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    I just used TomTom bluetooth GPS with a free GPS program, cotoGPS, which was recommended in another thread, and it works great. So the statement that the TomTom GPS doesn't work with other GPS software is not correct.

    By the way, cotoGPS seems to answer an earlier question I had in another thread about using the Treo 650 for geocaching. This would do it. And it's FREE!
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    I'm currently unable to get my TomTom GPS receiver to work with cotoGPS. This looks like a very cool program, but I can't get it to receive the GPS signal (Model TomTom Wireless PGS (9821x) ). I'm using Sprint CDMA with 1.08 update.
    Using my Pre to help run:

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    I have the same model and it works. I didn't do anything special. Did you go into Config and make sure it was set to bluetooth? If it works with TomTom it should work with cotoGPS. Mine does.
    A couple of questions. When you load cotoGPS does the Blue light on the GPS stop blinking and stay lite? If it doesn't then I would load TomTom and see if the blue light stays lite when TomTom is loaded. If it does then its definitely a cotoGPS issue. Check the Configure in cotoGPS again. If it's set correctly I would delete cotoGPS and load it again.
    Let me know what happens.
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    I ordered the BT-338 SiRF StarIII for my Treo 650 because of the good reviews, specs and becuase the GlobalSat website told me that the BT-338 supports Palm. I purchased online from and it arrived within 48 hours. Opened the CD and found out through to documentation that the GPS configuration file only works with WinCE and PocketPC PDA's - not Palm. I double checked with the online support through and they confirmed this even though they advertise on the web site that they support Palm. Oh well, CotoGPS to the rescue. With this software it was a piece of cake to configure and the trackers work quite well. Now I'm looking for some good XP and Treo mapping and direction software that can work with the CotoGPS. Any suggestions? Did I read correctly above that Garmin and Tom Tom maps will work wit the Treo 650 / BT-338 / CotoGPS combination?
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    Uhh the BT-338 works fine with the 650. I'm using it with mine and navigate with TomTom maps just fine. I didn't even look at or open the CD that came with the BT-338 either.
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