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    All you gotta do is purchase a software at between now til the end of the month and you're automatically entered!
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    If you click on the rules you'll find that you don't have to buy any software to win.
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    Hmm.... I'm just seeing a blank page.
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    Nothing comes up anymore, page is blank..
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    Blanky, blanky
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    Blanketed by blankness.
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    When I open the link, I feel as though I'm rushing down a tunnel and then I see a white light....
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    Quote Originally Posted by carter437
    OK, THAT works, but the first one NOT
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    Now I just get white too. Weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carter437
    Now I just get white too. Weird.
    White is nice...
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    possible that you do not have the acrobat plugin installed on your browser?

    Edit -- oops, never mind, you guys are talking about the web page itself, not the official rules PDF. My bad
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    Blank for me too!! Wha'ts TR30 trying to pull??

    LOL! I swear that link was working last night!

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