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    Just got off the phone with Palm to ask that my 10 month old Trep 600 be replaced under the warranty since the center button stopped working - as a result, the phone is pretty useless. Two different reps told me that this is not covered under their limited warranty, equating it to overuse/misuse by the customer. I argued for a while, got nowhere, and asked to speak with someone higher up. No could do as they were 'all in a meeting'. Right. He promised that a supervisor would call me in 24 h. Sure.
    Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
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    Yes. Keep calling and complaining. Be firm but not rude. Clearly a broken 5-way button is a hardware malfunction.

    It took me two calls and an e-mail to get mine replaced with a refurbished unit for dust inside the screen. Initially they told me dust inside the screen was customer misuse and not a hardware issue.
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    Stories like this really me off. Ever since Palm switched their "technical support" offshore, it's been more than miserable. So far I've had a PalmOne technical support person adamantly tell me "I am holding a Tungsten C in my hands - it does NOT have a keyboard!!" and "Palmone doesn't warranty anything that you do not buy directly from the PalmOne store" and other gems of wisdom. I've been using Palms extensively for nearly 8 years now, and the support gets more and more awful (though I remember a time about 5 years ago when I had to explain what a "hotsync" was to their "technician"). They have a lot of b@lls to charge now for such terrible, wasteful and useless "service". Just this year, they refused a friend of mine any sort of support on the infamous "T3 screws fall out" issue unless he ponied up over $100.00 because apparently Palmone doesn't feel that it's not their fault if they don't use something appropriate like this:|Threadlockers|Removable%20Strength|222%2 0Threadlocker%20Low%20Strength%2FSmall%20Screw
    when they assemble their $400 handhelds (the screws fell out within 3 months of purchase).

    My advice is that you should follow their procedures and raise your blood pressure by dealing with the offshores until it just about kills you (and you at least get a name and/or problem number - before they "accidentally" hang up on you), then just call PalmOne Corporate Customer Service at 408-503-7000 and just ask them to handle the issue. Never have I experienced a company with such a promising product trying so hard to lose their best customers with such miserable product support.
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    Thanks for the advice. I just got off the phone with corporate relations and a very helfpul cs person put through the repair with an advance unit at no charge. We'll see what happens when they receive my defective 600 and whether or not they charge my cc. I guess it pays to keep at it.

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