I had to hard reset my treo some time ago and when I hotsynced back after the reset something went wrong and the hotsync failed. Somehow I managed to restore my treo at 99%
Except SMS....
I found in an old backup my SMS_Msg_Database.PDB (or something similar) and restored it, but lost all my sms received and sent after the backup date.
Looking in the last hotsync folder (I did a backup of it before the hotsync) I found a lot of files with this names: SMSxxxxyyyy.pdb where xxxx is the phone number and yyyy is an alphanumeric string. With an hex editor I can clearly all my lost SMS but I dont have idea how to convert them and import in SMS_Msg_Database.PDB

Can you help me? Do you know if exists a tool to do what I need or how I can modify those files to make treo show them to me?