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    I just confirmed registration for the DC RoadShow to get the discount on the 650, but I currently have the 300 and I carry it more than my 15 GB iPod (but not for music obviously) I'm wondering about replacing both with the 650, a big SD card, and more frequent syncs (PowerBook G4 / iSync / iTunes)

    The problem is that when I bought an iPod I started ripping all of my CDs into AAC format (to get better sound/smaller files/longer battery life on the iPod) and now I have 20 gigs of (Legal!) music I do not want to re-rip... is there an AAC player for Palm?

    I see the Palm1 docs mention RealPlayer and I know they sell AAC in their version of an online music store, does that mean it will support unprotected AAC files from iTunes (I dont expect my hundreds of iTMS-purchased protected songs to be supported unless Apple makes iTunes for Palm OS)

    Anyone with a 650 that can give more info on the RealPlayer app? I'd be willing to pay for another media player, if it saves me from re-ripping or transcoding...
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    No, it wont play them. No, there is no PalmOS player that plays any music with Digital Rights Management.
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    I dont want my protected files played (Well... I do, but I dont expect it from anyone but Apple) - What I want to be able to play are the unprotected AAC files I ripped from CD.

    AAC is, as I understand it, the audio portion of the MPEG-4 standard, and thus licensable by anyone - it's not proprietary to Apple or Real.
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    Apparently not well enough! Thanks for the links and woo-hoo!
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    Wonder if Pocket Tunes will follow suit?

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