From time to time my Quick Key shortcuts, which everyone probably use for easy one-key dialing, just stop working.

When the problem occurs the Treo 600 just acts like the Quick Key is not programmed... nothing happens.

Sometimes though, the screen flashes momentarily, as though it has changed to the dialpad (from my phone wallpaper) and then back to the phone wallpaper... all within a nanosecond.

I can re-enable my Quick Keys quickly by pressing the HOME key and once the icons have loaded I press the PHONE key again and all is well.

It happens after using different programs which when I exit them return me to my phone wallpaper screen.

I just had it happen again after using Voice Dialer and abandoning the call after Voice Dialer chose the number to dial. This problem is not specific to Voice Dialer as it happens on many of my programs.

I am looking to save some time trying to prove if this is a software conflict or if it is a problem with the Treo 600. I also had the problem in my original T600. That T600 was replaced due to the "growing orange dots" problem and the new one has been restored/configured exactly as the first one.

Can anyone advise if they have experienced the "disconnected" Quick Keys syndrome and if they were able to resolve it?