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    Just a note to those of you with the political avatars: enough already, it's over.
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    == "...Q: When can I get one?
    == A: Sprint, as previously announced, will carry the Treo 650 in all
    == of it's channels in mid November for a base price of $599. The Treo
    == 650 will be Sprint Exclusive until December at least, most likely
    == heading into 2005..."

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    O.K. Seldom, we know how much you love Sprint. I might be a Sprint lover myself except that I travel outside the U.S. where GSM is the best and sometimes only option. No choice but to wait till ATT has the Treo 650, maybe its November or maybe its January. Sprint is just not a choice for some of us international roamers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geatches
    Just a note to those of you with the political avatars: enough already, it's over.

    Sorry, but politics are NEVER over!!!
    "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not" Thomas Jefferson
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    Quote Originally Posted by Latin Traveler
    O.K. Seldom, we know how much you love Sprint...
    Hmmm...interesting interpretation of my post.

    Quoting (er...indirectly quoting) a PalmOne's representative's words on TREO 650 delivery doesn't, as far as I can see, say one thing or another about preferred carrier.

    But, hey!, I've been misunderstood here for way long so what the Hell!

    Go for it!

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    Sorry, I think I wrote that post after getting nowhere with the ATT rep and searching the net for answers from ATT on the release of the 650. My feelings of being completely powerless in this regard impaired my judgement. I know the freaking phone exists we have pictures; lets have it already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Heard about Sprint's purported purchase of ALL TREO production for the rest of the year?

    How does a GSM TREO 650 next week fit into that?

    I am guessing that sprint purchased all of the CMDA handsets. I don't think they would much use for GSM handsets.
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