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    I have had my Treo for a couple of weeks now and checked many times, but in the last few days I get about 94k downloaded and it locks up and I have to reset my Treo to do anything. I don't seem to have the problem with any other web pages.Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    I've never been to the site before but went there with the built in Web on the Treo 600. It locked up my phone as well.
    My guess is the site has something that the Web application doesn't like.
    As a temporary workaround you can try using Xiino with that site. It loaded up fine for me.
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    I figured it had to be somthing on the web page that my treo did not like. Where can I get the software you mentioned?

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    $24.95 if you buy at as a member
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    actually I think it's $22.50

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