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    I have been very impressed with the SMS feature on VeriChat and this would be my main reason for buying the service (I am on trial version right now). SMS arrives instantly as soon as a friend logs on or send an IM. Since my wireless plan provides me with free incoming text messages, I thought this feature is really cool.

    But something has changed. Today, i looked at my phone and there are tons of SMS messages but i could not read them without sending a reply to my wireless provider by typing the word "Read". I, of course, type the word for each of the messages and only then did I see all the IM's sent to me. This kinda bothered me so I phoned my wireless provider (Rogers) to find out if I am being charged for typing the word "Read". They said, yes because it is an SMS being sent internationally. I thought that is really sneaky.

    I'm not sure if it is VeriChat or Rogers who made these changes. Anyone VeriChat users out there getting the same thing? I would appreciate some feedbacks.
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    Looks like a Rogers thing. Someone in Rogers decided to make money out of the SMS gateway they run.
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    Thanks. I thought it was Rogers as well. I did send an e-mail to VeriChat to report this bizarre behaviour.
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    You can use a non-SMS method of transport in the newest Verichat version. It eats your battery though.
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    You still get notification, right? I usually log-in after getting my first SMS, at which point I can see all the messages. This might be a viable option for you.

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