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    I've been searching and was thinking I might need to replace my battery but am not convinced it will fix my problems. Can someone please offer a little advice? I have a GSM Treo with Cingular which I've owned for over a year and is out of warranty. The problem persists after various resets, including battery disconnect reset (with and without syncing).

    For a few months now, I've been getting a loud buzzing while on calls. It was much worse for the people on the other end than on my end. It seems to have gotten worse over time.

    Lately, when I make a call, the display indicates dialing, then reverts to dial pad without completing the call. The frequency of this problem got worse over time as well. This generally happens without indicating a network search.

    After searching TreoCentral I found that some people with similar problems had no problems while making calls while plugged into the wall. I tried this, and my Treo worked fine! The problems occured with the phone at various levels of charge including fully charged. I did get a low battery message a couple of the times I had problems. The battery doesn't seem to run down unusually fast, but I don't use the Treo very often, so it's hard to tell.

    Oh, and if I need to replace the battery, does anyone have any recommendations on model and source?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    please search the forum using buzzing and you'll find the cure for it. I had similar problem with buzzung and the fix worked for me. However, I didn't have the problem with calling.

    Hope it helps,

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    Thanks Vitaliy. Just found the cigarette package fix. I might give it a try. With mine, I think there must be something else going on.

    I tested by plugging and unplugging my Treo from the ac adapter while on a call. The buzz disappeared every time I plugged it in, and reappeared as soon as I unplugged it.

    I was thinking there might be some kind of voltage drop causing problems while running off my old battery, but I don't really have much experience with electronics so I don't know if that makes sense.

    Thanks again.

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