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    Can anyone tell me how to get aol instant messenger for treo 600 or even free aol. Thank you i am new to this sorry to those that will get annoyed at this post
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    You can get it free from the UK site....
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    Back up your device before running it though. And learn how to do a 'warm reset'. Then you will be able to safely remove the AOL AIM program without hard reseting your device and losing all your information. Many people have reported problems with AOL's AIM client and ended up hard reseting their devices.

    You _may_ want to research the subject by searching through the discussions here and trying out some 3rd party IM clients, such as Causerie, Verichat, etc.
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    I can vouch for problems described by Daffy... er, jaytee. I downloaded AOL IM for Palm free from the AOL UK site. It works fine as long as you NEVER switch out of AOL IM without first logging out. In other words, you can only use AOL IM alone and actively, you cannot have it up and connected while you use other applications on your Treo.

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