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    The new version of RNS:: Hi-Launcher 2.6 (that I have released today) now offers new menu item type, called "URL".

    You may now put your favorite websites' links to your regular Hi-Launcher's Menu and launch them directly from any application you are running.

    The websites are normally open in the Blazer Web Browser.

    What do you think about this new feature?
    Maybe you have some ideas how to improve it?

    In this new release (2.6) I have fixed a few bugs and problems related with the Treo 600 (you know... I finally got my own Treo 600 )
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    What if you bought version 2.2?
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    I think all updates are free..I've been getting emails since I bought version 2 offering a free update. This is a great programme which I would consider essential for my palm usage. It has the further advantages of being light on ram, easily customisable and has a very useful "last application" toggle option. Well worth the money and excellent support..thanks RaNo. I'd like the option to use one of the volume switches as the launch button instead of the d-pad...
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    Right, all updates are free in RNS:: - see here.

    All registered users receive information whenever a new version is released and they are directed to a webpage for the free update. You need to be registered with a valid e-mail address to take advantage of this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayalex
    I'd like the option to use one of the volume switches as the launch button instead of the d-pad...
    It is now possible starting with the 2.6 version... isn't it?
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    There is an issue with the URL launcher. If one has more than one browser, HL will apparently launch by alphabetical value. In other words, if one has Blazer (web), Xiino, and Avantgo, HL will launch via Avantgo. There is no way to configure which browser for HL to use. This is very problematic. By way of example, Snappermail (and other apps), provide a preference option for user selection of web browsers. Can you provide a fix for this?

    I think the new features and changes are really GREAT. Thanks!
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    Hi-Launcher asks the system to handle the given URL. It's up to the system which application to call. Good third-party applications (like AvantGo) should let users decide whether they are registered as default handler of given protocol (e.g. http:) or not.

    I think I'll create a separate freeware utility that will let users manage default handlers for all protocols supported by installed applications.

    Or maybe such utility already exists? I'll look for it in a few days (you, elysian know I am always quite busy :-) and if I don't find - I'll make one.
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