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    Did anyone else receive a letter from Sprint/PalmOne offering a free accessory of my choice due to the fact that I have had Treo 600 problems.

    I'd much rather have a disount on a new 650 , but it is still nice.
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    Dennis G. Esler
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    Yes, I got one!
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    I have replaced mine 6 times and didn't get the email. Were your replacements through Palmone or your carriers?
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    Dennis G. Esler
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    Ditto for me, 6 times, no letter!
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    I got the letter today. Picked the car charger, since they seem to go a bad after awhile, either the cigarette lighter plugs, or the ends where they connect to the phones (but I've noticed that Palm's are much better than the 3rd party ones).

    I've had my phone replaced several times, once during it's first 15 days from PalmOne, once through Sprint's lock/Line insurance, and another time when the microphone stopped working right in a Sprint store, so I'm not sure which replacment triggered the letter.

    It has both the Sprint and palmOne logo on it though.

    Interesting though, for just the shipping, they can clear out accessories for a phone that's about to be replaced. Other than the cases, I don't believe the free accessories we can choose from will be compatible with the 650.

    No big deal for me. The 650 just doesn't seem to offer enough for me to trade up a phone that's only a year old. Let the Treo 700 rumors begin! I hear it might include a car jack and corkscrew (which airlines will insist be disabled throughout the flight).
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    I purchased and returned to Best Buy. I am on my third phone and it needs replacing again now. Don't know how P1 or Sprint got the info, it had to come from BB.
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    Got the letter. But I no longer have a treo (switched to hp 6315). Do I have to pay for shipping? Should I order it and sell here or on ebay?
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    I just got a letter today.
    I had called palmOne to complain last week, but they reffered me to Sprint as Sprint handles all replacements for their phones.
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    got my letter today also.... got the car charger for 5.99 shipping, I imagine we'll see a bunch of ebay auctions for the codes....
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    I also got the letter today. I'm on my 6th (mostly network search problem), but now need to replace it because of burned-out pixels on the screen. I've had this replacement for less than 2-months. I've always had it replaced via Sprint's retail stores.

    I'd hate the 600 if it didn't work so well... when it ACTUALLY works!
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    I ordered the car charger also. It's a nice gesture by PalmOne.
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    I have a Boxwave USB sync and charge cable and a car adapter for it that allows the USB cable to work in the car for charging.

    I have read suggestions that this may not be good for the Treo and that one is better off with the PalmOne car charger and the OEM sync/charge cable - anyone shed any light on truth of this before I use my letter?

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