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    This is old news. They had a press release last May about putting MS OS on the Treo. I think its a great idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yautja_cetanu
    I think that would be pointless...
    To PalmOne as a hardware manufacturer, it means more sales. How far away from pointless can you get?
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    he's been following PLMO as long as I can remember. He has explicitly asked the M$ft question at the last 2 conference calls. Either he has inside knowledge or is trying to communicate the need for palmone to use the M$ft OS. I'm torn as it means a loss of innovation vs. cheaper products (plmo could get rid of 50 % of employee overhead, all the software engineers). I just have a hard time seeing PLMO give up the palm os. but it does seem plmo is the one innovating the pos, how long can they do that and compete? PSRC really seems to be dropping the ball. Cobalt has much promise (Beos engineers), but where is it?

    as wolf points out the spinoff of psrc looks like a failure - no new licensees. what should plmo do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yautja_cetanu
    I think that would be pointless...

    The BenQ50 has a MS system. If anyone wants a treo with MS on it they will go for the BenQ, that has more memroy a megapixle camera, no arial and wifi and a form factor that can rival the treo. The only DISADVANTAGE is the Microsoft OS (imo and in the oppinion of others). However if the treo went to MS it would lose one of the biggest advantages of it next to form factor.

    So I doubt it will happen but there will be treo lookalikes that will be with MS. I think making palm based apps like they are doing withg activesync that have the benefits of MS whilst still being palm is what is needed.
    Lots of manufacturers are making Microsoft powered smartphones, and none of them sell as well as the Treo. It has nothing to do with the OS, it has plenty to do with the form factors that those phones come in. There is no disadvantage in the Microsoft OS, you may not like it for whatever reason, but plenty of people do. Look at everyone's complaint with the new 650 (or the 600 when it came out), and you'll see that most of those issues are addressed with Microsoft powered phones. Hi-res screen, MS phones have it, the 600 didn't and everyone complained (and that was rectified with the 650). WiFI, MS phones have it, and neither the 600 or 650 will. Plenty of memory and a fast processor, most MS phones have them and everyone is complaining that PalmOne went cheap on that too. I love my Treo, but if there was a Microsoft powered smartphone in the same form factor, I'd be all over it. I've played with the PDA2K, and the form factor on it is terrible. It's just ugly. Have you seen a Hitachi G1000? It's the size of those old school cell phones from 15 years ago.

    And, as the rumor went earlier in this thread, PalmOne wouldn't be losing anything by allowing Microsoft's OS in the "next" Treo, there would be two flavors, a Palm powered phone and a Microsoft powered phone. How does this cause PalmOne to lose it's advantage? It opens up the best selling smartphone in the world to an entire group of people who may like the Treo form factor but have never purchased one because it ran on Palm OS instead of Microsoft's. If anything, this strengthens PalmOne's position in the market, at the expense of PalmSource, but since they are now different companies, I'm sure that PalmOne's board of directors and shareholders aren't concerned about that. And you shouldnt' be either. If you are, then buy the Treo 900P that's Palm powered or a Tungsten.
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts
    as wolf points out the spinoff of psrc looks like a failure - no new licensees. what should plmo do?
    That's one part of Wolf's report that I don't agree. Didn't Palmsource recently announce that they have 12 smartphones in the work with possible several new licensees?

    I think that P1 is doing this, partly, as a negotiating leverage to get better contract terms with palmsource down the road. P1's design philosophy has always been simple elegance, which is a term not often associated with Bill Gates & Company.
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    Its tough for any company in the business. If P1 has to split resources between the 2 phones then I believe both phones will suffer. Instead of 1 great phone, there will be 2 mediocre phones and that would be devestating to P1. Isn't it business 101 to concentrate on core competancies? Their staff is intimately knowledgeable with PalmOS and the hardware that it runs on.

    Even though I would like to see a PPC version of the Treo, I would only want it to happen if they can continue to deliver the innovations that have brought them to the forefront on both the PalmOS and PPC side.
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