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    I'm old school with Palm but new to smart phones. Does anyone know if the date and time of the 650 will be set/linked from carrier information or will you set it indepenently? If the answer is carrier specific, I'll be with Sprint.

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    I know that I have Sprint and the Treo 600 and it's set automatically...
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    Sprint may be in late november, not a guarantee, and depending on when cingular and at&t has it posted on their site so those two carriers should be within this year if not then should be beginning of next year..all depends on when everything is final i guess..look around the forum there's some people on here that are in tune with the ETA's and additional info
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    Thanks. I find it annoying when you have to set the date and time independently when the cell carrier has the information and can easily (I assume) send it to the phone. I just didn't know how that interface worked with the Palm OS, but if Sprint updates the 600, it should be the same with the 650.
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    no idea whether the GSM version is NITZ enabled, i know the sprint is with their treo 600, not the GSM version
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    Are we talking about Treo 650 release time or PalmOS time/date configuration?

    My Treo 600 (Sprint) gives you a choice -- either Sprint (or a network time server -- not sure) sets it automatically or you can set it manually. By default the service provider sets it automatically.

    I don't know how often it does a check though. Yesterday I had to turn off the phone signal and turn it back on for it to recognize that daylight savings time was off. Presumably it would've figured it out on its own eventually.
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    My bet is carrier specific--FWIW, all of my Treos (180-270-600) on Cingular need to be set manually.

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