My last T600 finally gave out (externl speaker kaput, unresponsive screen, a camera that had such a reddish tint it looked like something out of a horror movie). it was only 8 months old but I be damn if I could find my receipt. without it I couldn't replace it thru Palmone.

So today I went out and bought a new one (RM2088 that's about US$500). I love it again. crisp screen, unbelievable good camera picts even in low light, and that stiff new feeling with the buttons.

Well to compliment the treo, I also picked up the T|E for it's wifi capabilities (GPRS is moocho $$ here in malaysia and hotspots can be found everywhere) and higher screen resolution for movies.

So I carry 2 devices again. not that big a deal actually. and it does give me a higher geek factor. :-)

Bottom line, I tried a lot of the competition and NOTHING beat the Treo. Form factor and Palm OS rock! I've been using palm since about the time the Newton bombed and I just cannot bring myself to switch. It's like going from Mac OSX to windose. to me palm os is still the best for these mini computers.

when the 650 debuts here in january I'll probably not wait long for the upgrade.