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    Ref PalmOne and Ed Colligan a family of Treos is in the works. So far, we've only seen the Treo 650 but that doesn't exactly make a family. Obviously, there's more in the pipeline .. but what? Given the PalmOne confusion/mixed signals about Treo 650 support for wi-fi I'd say that feature/model is probably not going to hit us before we can blink .. So, what does make a family? A Treo 650 without camera? And then wait for a year or so for the 700 line?

    Sony has come clear and stated that they consider the PDA market dead in the water and that the smartphone is the future. Palm T5 (sigh) may bear witness of the same thing. I'm hoping the Treo family will show the other side of the coin.
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    treo 600
    treo 650

    sounds to me there's a family...
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    looks like a broken, not very promising family to me. by now there should be offspring.

    looks more like a bi-family to me ...
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    Oh great - a family that believes in incest!!!
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    PalmOne's version of a family:

    Treo 600 GSM
    Treo 600 Sprint
    Treo 600 Sprint NC (No Camera)
    Treo 650 GSM
    Treo 650 GSM NC??
    Treo 650 Sprint
    Treo 650 Sprint NC

    I don't necessarily feel that this thinking is right. But I believe that palmOne will continue to bloat their product line whilst future Treos are still in the pipeline.
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    Haha...that's funny...
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    it is hard to create a family when it takes 12-18 to give birth to a new one.

    someone at palm needs viagra.

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    I'm afraid they may be sterile.
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    **** transplant?
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    they need more females!
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    what if they all don't get along? time for family counseling?

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