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    If I have music on the treo650 can i listen to it thru a bluetooth head set?
    If You upgrade to a huge memory card can you record more than 15 seconds unlike my other sprint phone?
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    For a 512MB card @ approx 4 MB's per track about 130ish tracks. Double this for a 1 gig card. Remember however that you will also have other software on your card to keep from using all that huge memory that comes built in with the new 650
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    Thanks alot for the quick answer. Sorry, the second question was about recording video(my mistake for not beign clear). Can I record more than just a few seconds of video?
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    You cannot listen to music on a BT headset. It will not support the bandwidth, unless it supports the a2dp profile. Only exeption is if it is low bitrate music. Spoken word.
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    ^^i second that, you won't be able to listen music thru a bt headset, its just too horrible, tried that using powerbook and hbh-35, its total crap
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    opps sorry about that elbombillo gave a bad answer. Guys I did know this so thanks - I will be sticking with cable then as now worth the outlay for just voice.
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    Thanks again guyz, dont worry about it BBKBAZ. wow ls3mach that hi-fi head phone is $200 and its huge, I think its not worth it. Thanks again.
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    will stereo headphones work, or do you have to use the single cellular earpiece?
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    You can listen using your own stereo headphones with an adaptor, or some places sell stereo headphones that will plug straight into the Treo 600/650 socket, eg...
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    Thanks ianjd
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    The one that I posted will not even be compatible with the bluetooth in the Treo 650. I was just using it as my reference to the lack of bandwidth used in the standard Handsfree and Headset profiles.

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