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    So, anyone tried this new headset, Jawbone from Aliph, at:

    The audio samples demo'ing their technology looks pretty for real world f/b from those who spent the $150 ...
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    I wish I didn't care about stereo. I need stereo sound and I just want one headset to carry around.

    The technology is rad though.
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    Is this headset even compatible with the Treo? I don't see it on the list of compatible phones.
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    Yes it is I imagine. The Treo uses a universal 2.5mm connector, same as with the Motorola phones.
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    I called the 24 hours/day, 7 days/week support number and talked to a representative that indicated that the Treo was currently not a supported device. I tried to ask her whether the headset used a standard 2.5 mm connector, but at 11 pm I may have been misinformed. I will check again today. If it is a standard 2.5 mm jack, it should work.
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    I have it. Got the last one from the Cingular store, even though I have a sprint 650... it rocks!
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    I have one and it works real well. Its Bluetooth so no need to use the 2.5 connector. One of the better DSP headsets out there. Using it on a 680.
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    So far I like it. Very comfortable and secure on my ear. Sound is nice in the ear, but not as good as my plantronics 510. So far, the people I've talked to say it sounds good with the DSP on. I've only had it for 1 day so more feedback to come.....MOST importantly so far is the connection doesn't drop from my 700p like all the other headsets i've tried.
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    The Jawbone works pretty poorly. The DSP isn\'t great unless the headset touches the side of your face at all times. It\'s large and pretty uncomfortable. Jabra eargels do not fit on the device so you\'re stuck using the earhook (yuck!) which is flimsy.

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