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    I want to know if others are in the same boat as I am. I hope by starting this thread (I have not seen it anywhere else) that PalmOne will notice.

    You see.... I have run out of RAM so many times on my Treo 600. I have a 256 SD card but what I want to know from others here on this forum is how many of you have run out of memory on your Treo 600. I have had to delete apps I didn't want to to be create room on my Treo 600 to be able to use email and other functions. As some of you have seen from my other posts I am not happy with the things PalmOne LEFT OUT of the new TREO 650. I hope that others here will speak up and PalmOne will notice. (We know you are watching! )

    I use my Treo 600 for a lot of email and other great apps. Yes I understand email can take up a lot of memory but I also need some other those emails stored on my Treo when I am traveling. I also have some very vital apps I can not put on the SD Card. I need MORE memory. right now my Treo 600 says I have 1 MB left.

    Please reply to this thread and state if you have had this same problem. We need PalmOne to know how serious of a MISTAKE they have made in not including more memory in this "upgrade".


    It has been stated many times on this site before of the competitors and what they are including in there new products. We don't need to hash that out here again. I just want to know if I am the only one having this problem. I am guessing I am not.
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    If you use it for seriously for work, you'll run out of space. Email and wordprocessing alone can kill your memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solomonsampson
    I have had to delete apps I didn't want to to be create room on my Treo 600 to be able to use email and other functions.
    Anyone else see the problem with this statement?
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    I have never had a problem with memory. I have all the applications I want, and if I need to store large files, that's why I have an SD card.
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    Although I still have at least 1/2 of the available memory left on my device, I do understand that others use their Treo for much more than a converged PDA/Phone. I am astounded they did not include more memory.
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    I am technically out of memory at all times. That's why I use ZLauncher and store many apps, along with all their data, on my SD card. Because of that I am not too concerned about the 32 mges, although I would have LOVED to have more.
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    Those of you who need more memory would probably do well to wait a bit. The model number makes it pretty obvious that the 650 is an in-between model. I have no doubt that PalmOne held back some things for the top-of-the-line model. Give it 6 months and I think you'll at least know about a 700 model.
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    I have moved many apps to my SD card.
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    Even without moving apps around and 4000+ contacts in my address book I have 6.5 M free.
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    Besides the ability to read native Word/Excel files, the clincher for me getting Documents to Go 7 was the ability to move it to and run it from the SD card. The apps are so big that running from the internal memory was just not worth it.

    Anyone else notice that the Treo just reboots itself when it runs out of memory instead of gracefully shutting down the app or warning the user? Or is it just my unit?

    I think it's good to encourage developers to include the ability to run their apps off of the SD card although I understand that some libraries might need to be run from the internal memory anyway. It seems silly to have only 23mb of available space when you've got a 1gb SD card sitting there only 10% full.

    BTW I don't think the DtoGo running off the external SD is officially supported. You have to dig around their website for a special utility to move it to the SD.
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    I love Sound Rec, and will probably move to a more professional app. But I quickly ran out of memory, while I understand I can save it on a SD card, I would prefer to leave that port for other appplications.
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    I use a1GB SD card and moved some stuff over there. It does not matter how much memory you have you will always fill it up!!! Look at our harddisk's on the Mac or PC. I have 160 GB and it is almost full......
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    I run out all the time. I have 5000+ names/5000+ items in my datebook, the bible etc. If you use apps that write to ram: Camera, Sound Recorder, you have no other choice. (Cards are too slow to record decent audio to).

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