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    PdaReach 1.5 was officially used by PalmOne to demonstrate Treo 650 at CTIA 2004.

    We are looking for help from users who owns a Tungsten E/T5/T3/T2 or Zire 21/31/71/72 or Treo 600/650 to beta test our software called PdaReach. This software allows you to operate your Palm Handheld directly from your PC. Version 1.0 was originally designed for Treo 600 and have been well-received. We are trying to extend it to support a lot more devices with Palm OS 5.x in version 1.5.

    If you have been using some similar products before please try out PdaReach to compare. PdaReach is probably the only one that can deliver responsive realtime content from your Palm screen to the PC.

    Use the following link to download the software:
    See details about the software at

    You are welcome to send comments or report bugs directly to Pleae DO NOT report bugs in this thread as they might have been resolved when other users are reading the information.

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    I saw this at Long Beach Roadshow, very impressive!
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    Looks great. I'm a registered user of 1.0 who LOVES this app. I use it all day long at work. It's like having a docking station for your Treo. It's nice to be able to integrate your pda into your desktop and treat it as just another application full of data and apps.

    Some neat new features. Like the built in screen cap!

    OH my wish has come true... the app reloads itself after doing a hotsync!! No more restarting the connection manually after syncing. Wohoo!
    Gabe Kangas
    Achievatron 2004 - ?
    Visor Deluxe -> Treo 300 -> TREO 600 -> Treo 650

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