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    The hundreds of dollars of software I bought.

    Will they work?

    Snappermail, CallFilter, Verichat, AcidImage, PocketTunes, etc, etc ....

    I would have to stay with the 600 if it would take 6 months for the developers to catch up on the software, or I would literally be throwing software money away,

    Is Garnett backward compatible with everything, nothing, something?

    Things like CallFilter which use specific API's are especially worrysome.

    I like the new Treo 650. It's not a "4th Generation Treo" by any stretch- from what I can tell it's a Treo 600 with a better screen and faster processor - but what Treo 600 user wouldn't want a *better* Treo 600?

    But if it breaks all my apps, it certainly will not be as useful, even though it looks much nicer.

    Any software developers or those in the know with comments?
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    Sounds like there are two main issues: 1) New version of OS and 2) new screen dimensions. These two things could cause old software not work work without an update, which may or may not be forthcoming for any particular piece of software.

    It's always a risk, but I'd expect both of those to be relatively minor issues given the fact that the screen format existed (if not in a Treo) before, and Garnet doesn't sound like that big an update to OS 5 (but it could be a total rewrite that delivers relatively modest gains, for all I know).
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    agreed, both are OS 5 and should be fairly compatible. OS 6 will bring new challenges, and I may jump ship at that time depending on what other offerings the market has...since I will be buying new apps anyways
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    As Palm stated in one of the releases, the API's specific to the phone operation are almost completely unchanged. Thus programs like CallFilter should work, it might take a week to a month for small bug fixes I'd guess.

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