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    Does anyone know if the built-in Real One player on the 650 will support Ogg Vorbis? I've converted most of my CD library to Ogg and that's what I've been listening to on my Treo 600 through pTunes. From what I can tell, Real One player doesn't support this royalty free, high quality, highly compressible format, and it doesn't look like pTunes will be a freebie (like it was when I purchased my 600 through a rebate). I can always spend some extra dough to buy pTunes (which according to their website is compatible with the 650), but I was wondering if anyone knows if the Treo 650 will play Ogg out of the box? Alternatively, does anyone know if I could use my older pTunes version (2.3.4) on the 650?

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    Just bring pTunes to your new Treo 650. I have pTunes Deluxe 3.0.x for my 600 and will bring it over to the 650 when I get it.

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