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    I delete mail and still losing memory space. I had 7.3 mb , I checked mail deleted em from inbox and from deleted, and still have 6.8 mb instead of 7.3....

    any help anyone......
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    Use FileZ and go in and delete the file "Email_libr_HsMp..." There will be one for every e-mail account you have. BE SURE to remember your pop and smtp addresses because deleting those files will erase your e-mail accounts, but in turn, recover the memory lost storing e-mails. Erase the files once, and after you reconfigure your e-mail accounts, save a copy of that "Email_libr..." file onto BackUpMan or the SD card. When it gets big, delete and use the saved (smaller) files back onto the ROM.
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    I know this method .... thought palm had a fix out lol.

    btw what is a better mail app... I think agendus will do .....hmmmm..
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