I saw this over at SprintUsers.com by mbrenner

So I went to the Treo Road show today, saw the 650 and some of the third party enterprise support for it (as well as other platforms).

Nice mail solution, and it is amazing you can do with these things on an enterprise level. Total control over the functions and an "Orwellian" ability to see what the phone was up to remotely. (calls, battery level, when it was on, and off, what apps were run etc). You can do all the cool blackberry stuff on them (server and network management). They now come with Docs to Go full version.

I asked the palm development team some of the questions that I see on the websites.

1. Sprint phone - NO PTT but it is not precluded in the hardware. It can be done if Sprint wants it (a software application). Apperently even on the 600!

Since the 650's ram is flash an add on program won't be lost if the battery is removed or goes dead.

2. No EDVO support on CDMA - no hardware support for it.

3. Edge support for GSM on those phones, GSM phones are quad band.

4. RAM size was dictated by the price point requested by the service providers.

5. Wi-fi was not a big issue with the service providers and the chipsets available at the time of design would impact the power requirements of the treo adversly.

Items 2, 4, and 5 will be revisited in later models.

That said I was impressed with the device (I don't have a 600). It did render some websites that the 600 that I used at the sprint store did not. I liked the browser a lot.

The screen looked good, keyboard felt better, and the built in mail cliant looked good. I was sorry that Palm One did not continue to use the calendar with week view that Handspring had in the visors (I have datebook 5 so I will not personally miss this but other people will.)

They redesigned the connector so old treo stuff won't work but the 650 will work with Tungsten stuff and the connector has audio on it now. You can play MP3 files and write them directly to a SD card then insert it. You don't have to sync them over.

Conclusion, I will buy one, I like it.