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    Hi, I downloaded a trial version for Intellisync Desktop. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to work.

    What I would like to accomplish is wireless sync between my corporate e-mail and my Treo. My company only supports Black Berry Enterprise server and it is kind of a pain to get one unless you are a exec. However, I have a desktop at work that I can leave on all the time with Outlook running.

    I downloaded Intellisync and used the Intellisync Palm configure utility and selected to sync with MS Outlook for my email, address book, and date book.

    Okay, now what? There is no Intellisync application on my Palm. It does seem to be using my existing Snapper mail client or Treo Address book. What I would like to do is make sure the sync is maintained wirelessly. I want to be able to get my corporate email when I am on the road, be able to check the global address book and send out an email to someone else.

    Is Intellisync the best way to accomplish this. I know no solution is perfect unless you have a server solution such as Goodlink of Black Berry, but what is the best way to accomplish this in my case?
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    The Intellisync product you are trying is not a wireless solution, just a wired sync solution.

    What you need is a desktop re-director. Your carrier may offer one. Which carrier are you with? Seven and Visto both have offerings that will give you the BB experience from your corporate environment without I.T. intervention. These products will be branded and offered through your carrier.

    If there is not an option, you have a number of different solutions. The 2 that will require absolutely no I.T. interevention are Sproqit and In Box to Go from

    Then there are solutions where you will need your Mail server name and this will depend on your individual corporate architecture. Mailwave ( If I.T. is open to helping you out, then there are Imap4 solutions like chatter and who have a hosted service.

    Please let us know how this works out for you. There are many in the same situation.

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    Okay, this really helps me clear up a few things. I am using T-Mobile so I assume Seven and Visto are not going to be an option, are they? Does T-Mobile offer any type of solution?

    Basically my IT department in my company is unwilling to run POP or IMAP on its Exchange server. Because of those contraints it looks like the only option I will have is Sproqit or Inbox-to-go-Wirelessly, is that correct?
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    You are correct. If T-mobile does not offer an "individual" wireless email solution, then Sproqit or In-box-to-go will work, provided, your PC is left on. Sproqit will offer the entire Outlook desktop, including local folders, while In-box, is primarily wireless email with fantastic attachment handling through docs-to-go. They both have trials, so you can try them out and see which one is best for you.

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    Thanks for all the great info. I know from searching the archives many people had the same questions. It was great of you to put give all the options in one thread.

    I have not had a chance to try In-box, but I did download Sproqit. It seemed to work really well so far. I have only tried reading email so far but it seems like it sends and receives in almost real time which is really cool. I will play around with both of them.

    Do you have a favorite between the two products?
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    So far I am most impressed by the beta of Sproqit. Once they have background sync, so that you can be in any mode on the Treo and still receive, and be alerted of new mail and calendar info, it will be killer.

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    Palm Lover,

    A friend of mine running on CDMA, emailed Sproqit about not being able to get phone calls while Sproqit is running. They set him up with a beta client that fixes the problem. You might think about contacting them.
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    I have some questions about sproqit. I've looked around the site and found nothing about how much it costs. After the free trial how much is the software and is there a subscription fee?

    Also does it sync to your palm calendar or do you have to view the information on their plugin?
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    It does not sync with the Palm Calendar - you must use their plugin to access your Outlook Calendar on your desktop computer.

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