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    As a T600 user who has had to have my T600 replaced once, the speakerphone has been a problem for me. Even with the replacement, I have had reports of severe echo by the persons I have called when I use the speakerphone.

    I did not have this problem with the Treo270.

    I have read speculation on this board that it was caused by the network. Another suggestion was how the speaker wiring was routed by the battery.

    Does anyone know if this has been fixed with the Treo 650?

    Has anyone used a Treo 650 in speakerphone mode?
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    I would like to know the answer to this question also!
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    I didn't have much trouble with the speakerphone in the 600. One thing I hope they do (but I'm sure they probably won't) is make the speakerphone "sticky". That is, once you set it, it stays set until you turn it off, turn off the phone radio or soft reset. Most speakerphones on cell phones must be activated manually each time you make or answer a call. My Motorola V710 (as well as the Kyo 7135) allowed you to lock the speakerphone on so you don't have to keep turning it on for each new call.

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