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    When I click the link, I get a page not found message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    A GREAT option, allthough not free (at all) Handmark Exspress... I love it.
    I have to agree, its fast and accurate. Was playing around with it and used that "find your neighbors" and so it did. Express then asked me if I wanted to put those addresses in my contact book!

    Okay, I am new to this Treo 650 and was very impressed. Another monthly charge.
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    I went for the yearly payment, and don't regret it. The options that it has are great, like my theaters ect. Also the directions are great... i use that alot.
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    I am new to using Directory Assistant (it has been on my Treo but unused). The other night I looked up the Dominos Pizza store to order a pizza on the way home. When I asked it to dial it could not do it. Any special settings?


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    Do you have the latest version? I beleive it's 3.02 now.
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