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    Quote Originally Posted by bongmaster
    Peter and all the other Thai members
    If any of you guys are headed this way to HKG we should meet up for a night on the town. I will keep you updated on the situation here. Hopefully its released in BKK first..This will give me an excuse to get out of here
    I'm hoping to get to Ma Boon Krong in late January/Early Feb. I'm hoping that the phone is in stock by then.
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    Dear HKG guyz, will be there in a couple of weeks, also BKK but think release will be there later. What are the palm-one dealers saying now? Are they still saying a 1 or 2 weeks or have they changed already to Jan 2005?
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    the phone wont be available till mid to end february guys. anyone who tells you any different isnt getting his info from palmone. simple as that. ive already gone through the whole "prove your identity" deal in the past, so dont ask me how i got this info. a select few on these boards know who i am, and id like it to stay that way.

    in the meantime, take some time off and go get laid!!!
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    Note that at least one poster has already said one retailer had the TREO 650 (whether legitimately or not!).
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    bongmaster claimed that the fone was already available - but bongmaster had claimed quite many optimistic things that were, well, illusions.
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    The 650 is out as on the grey market in Hongkong but simply cannot afford to pay over a thousand dollars for one.The new xda is selling well here and I hope palm gets their act together.
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    Is that GSM or CDMA?
    Treo 680 Graphite, Unlocked GSM (FW: MW01.50 | SW: TREO680-1.04-ROW | HW: A)
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    I'm going to Singapore (from Australia) for the first 2 weeks of January and hope I'll be able to get it then. Please, please P1.
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    Sharonconnor, you mean shops like Mongkok computer center or that area, ill be in HKG in a week or two, dont mind spending some money.
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