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    I know this seems like a strange question...but I see they have an adapter that I can plug my own headphones into, so it's between the two. What do the Seidio earbuds feel like? Are they very big? Are they totally round or somewhat oval? I have a pair of round Sony earphones, and they start to hurt my ears after an hour or so...

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    a lot of pictures of Seidio's 2in1 headset at and

    but i can advise you to use your own headset with the adaptor because audio quality would be better and because you could choose a headset you like and change it
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    Seidio - I have yet to have a piece of equipment from them that is any good at all!!!
    I purchased the 2-1 headset you mentioned above and it sucks BIGTIME!!!
    Sound is terrible and its uncomfortable
    Purchased the Seidio Treo 600 Holster too - that was even worse!!! Be warned!!
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    I find the headset works just as promised: easy, reliable, decent sound quality, but the earbuds themselves are large and uncomfortable. Your best bet is to find the soft covers that come with other earbuds and put them on the Seidio ones.

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