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    My T600 just woke me up as it was turning itself off. When I turned it back on the message was that my battery was "extremely low," which I've never seen before. It must've been single digits b/c it went to 10% once I put it in the charger.

    Here's the thing - I know the battery was over 50% when I went to sleep about four hours ago. My wife's T600 is fine so I don't think there might have been a signal problem. A similar thing happened to me the night before - I woke up with the battery at around 20% after going to sleep with a full charge. I chalked that up to going to sleep listening to Shoutcast but I didn't do that tonight.

    Has anyone heard of something like this before? Might my battery be dying? Thanks for any help.

    EDIT: After my initial panicked note, I researched the boards and ended up doing a battery disconnect reset. Hope this does the trick. Other recommendations would be appreciated.
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    I have the same problem. Fully charged the battery and 40% drained in the morning.

    I have tried battery reset also. It didn;t work.

    I changed the Treo 600 with a new one from Palmone.
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    When I had Sprint Business Conection, my battery drained pretty fast. Do you have any application that uses the radio automatically?

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    Same thing happened to me last week. I thought it was an application I had just loaded (TrafficStat)- that wasn't it. I did a hard reset and, as soon as I turned the wireless mode on, it drained the battery in no time at all. Turns out it was the device. They shipped me my 4th replacement and all's well again... for a while.

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