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    if the 650 has the same cameral as the 650 AND the only change was the lens (i read somewhere)

    Why can't we unscreew our bad lens on the T600 and replace it with the Better lens of th eT650 or even a better larger lens?
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    The lens can only be improved so much. Other issues such as aperture and shutter speed variability have to be considered as well. The lenses are glued in place, so the biggest tangible improvement can only be with software development. Have you tried Qset?
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    I think the newer Treo 600 replacements already come with a newer lens and much sharper pics....
    I have detailed files.
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    The camera in the 650 could not be the same one. I saw it at CTIA and the piccies look soooo much better.
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    It's quite possible that the hardware could be identical and all improvements are in software. Which begs the question...will they release a firmware update for the Treo 600 to improve the camera and add other software updates/improvements?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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