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    I dont get to a computer that often ... is there anyway i can wirelessly hotsysnc..... thanks
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    I am sure this has been discussed many times on the board before if you do a search.

    In a nutshell:

    Beware of large conduits taking for ever to execute wirelessly and costing you much $$
    Your PC must not be behind a rigorous firewall that block the two UDP ports required by Network HotSync. (See palmone knowledgebase for more details on the exact ports)
    It only works on PCs.

    Turn on Network checkbox in the HotSync Manager menu on your PC
    Perform one HotSync while your PC is logged into the network
    Now go setup your Treo for Network HotSync
    The exact setup here will depend upon how you connect to data. If you use dial-up I dont recommend using this at all (9600bps is too slow IMO). If you use GPRS or 1xRTT, you should be OK.

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