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    I work in a library (surprise, everybody -- check the screen name). I'm also a railfan and a Treo 650 user and would like to see if a programmer has combined the benefits of locomotive signaling into Treo vibrating alerts.

    In brief, a locomotive can have 16 possible (actually more) whistle blows -- each time a whistle blows, it can represent an action the train is taking. For example, a train blows two longs, a short, and a long whistle when it sees the "W" sign at the side of the track saying that a street is going to cross the railroad tracks. The engineer then sounds the whistle the appropriate number of times.

    The railroading code is as irrelevant to me as a resident of a big city as it probably is to most of other the readers here, but it would be nice to feel who's calling me rather than: excuse myself for an incoming call, grope around for the phone, glance at it, and return to my conversation (after all, it might be my boss or one of the other libraries in our system). It would be handy for other people in meetings as well, I bet.

    So, is it possible to set a vibrate alert for two longs, a short, and a long?

    Many thanks!

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    Great idea! AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $do$ $it$ $but$ $perhaps$ $CallFilter$ $could$ $add$ $custom$ $vibrate$ $patterns$ $per$ $rule$.
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    Chatter sort of does this with emails and IM's.
    Since I am deaf, I asked Marc if a certain # of vibrates could be assigned to a specific contact.
    For example: I have 2 vibrates (one right after the other) for emails to my Inbox, 5 vibrates for any IM.
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    With all due respect, and please take no insult from this query, but if you are deaf, why use the Treo at all? I assume your primary use of it is for the PDA and SMS functions of the Treo. Aren't there better devices out there that do this? Despite all its shortcomings, I love my Treo precisely because it's a phone that does all this other stuff. Just curious.
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    The treo600 supports tty service:
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    Many deaf people use the T-Mobile Sidekick (Danger) for AIM and e-mail. (in fact there is a cartoon making fun of the fact that they use AIM more than talking face to face this week... Cartoon ) The Sidekick can also be used as a phone, but that doesn't stop people.

    I looked at getting the Sidekick, but as a Palm user (m515), I wanted all my Palm functionality. The Treo had the best of both worlds (when I add other programs), and in a nice package. There are several AIM application programs out there, and e-mail as well, (once I got Snappermail with IMAP, there was no going back to POP, which is all the Sidekick offers).

    I'm hard of hearing, so with the Seido adapter and a normal pair of headphones, I can use the phone on the Treo when I talk to people whose voices I'm familiar with, but I only use it maybe 5-10 minutes a month, mostly to let my wife know I'm going to be late, or if traveling, tell people when I'm about a half hour away. The Treo is great for data communication, I got it for that, not really for the phone.

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