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    My palm had problem remaining connected to the charging cable, so naturally I look in the socket and I see what looks like tissue paper jammed in there. I carefully removed it with the end of a needle and put it back in my pocket. I soon realize what was happening. If you keep you treo in your pocket, antanna up, pocket lint collects in the charging socket. The way to prevent this? Keep it upside-down.
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    Buy a can of air to clean it ? Don't put it in your pocket ? Clean your pockets ?
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    yeah, maybe make sure your pockets are clean before you stick electronics in there. how much lint you got, brah?
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    A tiny amount, but enough to be anoying.
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    get a non-lint tissue?
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    I have the same problem, but it's no big deal. I'v noticed that some smartphones have a plug to cover up the headphone hole. That never made sense to me, but I wouldn't mind if they covered the sync area.
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    Yes, lint in your sync area can be troublesome.
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    Troublesome doesn't begin to describe my problems with lint in the sync socket. My Treo600 had the dreaded network search problem and I took it into a Sprint service center. They told me that I had stuff in my sync socket and it voided my warranty. It was lint and I went out to my vehicle, got a pin, and cleaned it out. They wouldn't even look at it, because they had already seen something in there and that made my phone unable to be repaired by them or any other service center under warranty (or so they said). I was sorely tempted to throw the phone through their front window. Of course I took the phone to another service center and explained what had happened with the other jerks and they replaced it. So, if you have to take your phone in for warranty work, check out the sync socket for lint jammed way up in there. It may save you some trouble.
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    upside down? The you have gravity working against you... you might find pocket change or that botton that popped off jammed in the slot.....
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