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    Some of us read and respond to forum posts on our treos, hence the short reply. glad you found what you were looking for.
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    IMO Locked phones should be banned. Customers should be free to choose their carrier. Here in Hong Kong we have contracts but the phones are not locked. If you break a contract you simply pay $80 and you are free to move to a different carrier. You can even transfer your existing number to the other carrier.
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    BongMaster - It's kinda that way here in the US. You can pay something to have the phone unlocked, or if you're with the company long enough my understanding is they MUST unlock it for free. There's been some recent court rulings on this, but I don't have any of the references.

    wolwol - If the purpose of your post that sent me to the forum search was for me to read the individual post I found on my own, that information would have been helpful. You basically sent me to the haystack and said "the needle is in there."

    scottymomo - I understand the whole brief message thing, but if someone is going to say even briefly something that isn't helpful in the least, it's just hot digital air. Nice quote, buy the way. We refer to that as the mysterious UTS error. User Too Stupid.

    See ya around the boards.
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    Can I unlock my flashed verizon 650 for cricket to get the web?
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