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    Since Outlook and Agendus share common fields like: Attendee, Location. Why do these fields not sync up.

    I've been triing to get an answer to that question or find another solution that syncs fully with Outlook.
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    I don't know Agendus, but KeySuite syncs nicely with Outlook. Beyond Contacts is another Outlook-friendly app.
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    I use Agendus for my calendar and To Do list and KeyContacts for my contacts.

    Agendus does not allow you to enter as much information about contact as Outlook can. This is why I use KeyContacts (since it first came out). KeyContacts allows me to enter all the information that is in Outlook.

    A suggestion would be to make sure that you enter the same categories on Outlook and in KeyContacts (or Beyond Contacts). This is so they recognize each other during a a HotSync. KeyContacts does not automatically pull the categories over at first. It will sync them if they are entered with the same type and spelling in each Outlook or Palm OS device.

    To get all your information to all the necessary places in your Palm OS device, you will need to Hot Sync twice. HotSync uses the PIM (personal information manager) to put all the information through. After two HotSyncs, your newly entered information will be available in the standard Palm programs, Agendus, and KeyContacts (or whatever other program you use to enter PIM information).

    I recommend if you enter information, ie: a new Contact, to get in the habit of entering it into the same program each time.

    I hope this was helpfull.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about Agendus and KeyContacts.

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    It's because Agendus uses the built-in Palm contacts database, which does not have all the fields in it. (It was invented especially for the first Palm Pilots in 1996, which didn't have very much memory). Key Contacts and Beyond Contacts use their own databases which have all the same fields as Outlook. So if you use one of those, you'll end up with two different contacts databases on your palm - the built-in one, and the one from Key or BC.

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