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    I just spoke with my Cinci Bell/ At&t store. I was told "off the record" that I could buy a code for $15-$20 via the interent, which would unlock a locked Treo.

    Anyone hear of this?

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    Indeed this is almost true for a Treo 600 it is $49. Since it took 6 mos after the 600 was released to do this, it will probably be the same for the 650. Meanwhile even if it is unlocked, the web browser might still point to the carrier that sold you the phone and there may also be custom software or crippled features.
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    So, is there any real advantage to buying an unlocked version? sounds like down the road i could pay a small price and unlock it myself. What kind of crippled features does one typically encounter?

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    I have never owned a locked Treo. Palm have never locked them. Does ATT lock them? THe software is free to change carriers. It's on the Palm disc that comes with then phones. It is free on the website. I have slipped other carriers cards in my Treos and never had a problem. Except software to enable web and that is one the CD and on the website. Am I wrong?
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    AT&T locks their phones. The firmware updates availble on Palm's website will not unlock a locked phone.

    Check out the
    Firmware FAQ on my treo dot net, lots of good information there.
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    Just go to and spend some time on their forum. They have some very knowledgeable members and they'll provide an unlock version of the firmware few weeks after the official release. They already did that for the Treo 600 and the code is working very well. To finish if I were you I would wait and get the Cingular version, this version "should" be unlocked.


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