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    ok if you install apps after apps like i do, chances are that you are looking for "hard reset" simple because some apps are just not compatable.
    you may already know this but i think it would be great to share what i have learned on how to prevent a hard reset from a reseting loop.

    when installing a app. but suddenly you get the reseting loop, and you are panicing, so it forces you to do a hard reset, well panic no more this is what to do, its easy as 1,2,3.

    while getting a reset loop use your stylus and do a warm reset, delete your recent installed application, i use "launcher x" it deletes application, preferences, and associated dbs in ram, but the trick is to delete the system preference as well i use "filez" in doing this. the last thing that you will need is some sort of backup software to the SD expansion card, i use 'right back up" but actually do this ASAP so you will have it in advance.

    this is how to do it -
    1. do a soft reset first by inserting the stylus into the pinhole on the back

    2. now while the start up screen is to appear do a warm reset by pressing up then the power botton at the same time, you will get a message thats says do you want to erase all data "or something like that" and you tell it no

    3. ok now your palm starts, you will now need to locate the file (app) you just installed and delete it as mention above, using filez you can do it as well but i just use it to delete the preference files on your treo which is very important to this process

    ******* ok now you are on your last step, there are many back up software solutions out there but i use "right back up" its simple and straight forward. i say this is the last step but actually its the first process before the steps are started. when installed, just use the "back up now" feature which it will back up all of your info to your SD card. you will have the option to scedule times but its up to you. now with steps 1-3 applied all you will have to do now is "retore from backup" and it will restore your preferences before you installed that last app and nothing is lost.........there you go, cool right!
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    I've had three phones replaced because of reset looping.

    So if there's a fix, that's really cool.

    My phone started doing this. I had sprint send me a replacement (they'll offer $75 for trade-in on this, but they still charged me $600 for a replacement... Service credit when they get the old one back).

    Same problem.

    But the "debug reset" doesn't work. If I hold down power, then press something other than up, I just stay stuck in the reset loop.

    Note also that the phone hasn't had anything installed, nor been synced, in a month or more. So it's not new software.

    What's bugging me is that it's happening on both of my phones!

    So, presumably, somewhere in the last month, some database got corrupted. But, having had an idle morning to spend on it, I know that I can restore every file on the handheld. Just not all at once!

    ARGH! I have two phones, and no reason to believe that either of them can be made to work without incredible efforts. Furthermore, "crashes when too much data is loaded" sure sounds like a hardware problem. Gotta wonder...

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